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1. What teaching method will you be using?
We assess each child's swimming ability to develop a program that suits his/her personality and aquatic needs. We create a loving, safe and educational environment, and we use the latest teaching methods to ensure that each child receives the best instruction.
2. What should I expect from an Instructor?
Each swim instructor goes through 40 hours of intense training. We require that each of them attend monthly training seminars. You should expect our instructors to be professional, friendly, and well trained.
3. Why should infants take swimming lessons?
Studies have shown that the younger a child learns to swim, the more self confident, independent, and intelligent he/she becomes. (Please refer to our Article Section for more information).
4. What must my child need to get started?
If a child is 3 years old and under or is not potty trained, he/she is required to wear a snug fitted swim diaper. Swim diapers are necessary to ensure a hygienic and safe swim environment for everyone. We also require that each child has swim goggles to maximize the learning experience. The Noonan Family Swim School will provide swim fins. Most importantly, your child should be ready to have fun!
5. When should I start my child in swim lessons?
The earlier the better! We have teaching programs for infants to adults. The earlier a child learns to swim the faster he/she progresses. Above all, your child will learn to be safe in and around water.
6. Do you cater to parties? Yes.
7. What is a Deck Supervisor? A Deck Supervisor is a senior staff member who oversees classes during a given shift. He/She is a wonderful resource if you have questions about your child's progress. Due to the nature of our class schedule, instructors are unable to converse with parents before or after lessons; however the Deck Supervisor can act as a liaison between you and your child's teacher. If you must pass a specific message to your instructor, the deck supervisor can ensure that it gets to him/her.
8. How do you evaluate students and track their progress? Both your child's instructor and the deck supervisor are constantly evaluating student progress. As children progress through a level, the deck supervisor does a "formal" evaluation, where he/she checks which skills have been mastered by the child. When a child masters all of the evaluation skills within a level, he/she receives a bracelet representing the completion of that level. Skill and level completion is tracked in our computer system.
9. Who should I talk to if I have questions regarding my child's swim class? The best place to start is with your Deck Supervisor. Deck Supervisors come to know your children, their progress as well as their individual needs. They can assist you with class questions, student progress and much more. If they are unable to assist you, they will refer your question to the pool manager or office personnel.
10. How long will it take my child to learn how to swim? The answer depends on the definition of "swimming." We encourage children to take swim lessons until they have built up their stroke technique and endurance, completing the Green level. Some decide to leave before learning their strokes. Regardless of the end goal, every child learns at his or her own pace. Hence, it is impossible to provide an accurate timeline for how long it will take a child to learn how to swim.

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